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Originally and with roots from the State of Chihuahua, Durango, Guerrero, and Colima In 2017, commanded by its founder Juan Gomez Jr. (Juanito) a new musical concept with a unique modern touch and a very distinct sound was born by the name of Estrategia Norteña.

On May 25, 2019 Estrategia Norteña makes their first debut with their EP (Una Probadita). Containing 4 different songs, Estrategia establishes their unique style and creative arrangements in this EP. With songs, (La Mártir), (Por Mi y por Mi Novia), and (¿ Y Que Les Vamos a Decir ?) Estrategia Norteña wins the liking of the Norteñas Con Sax crowd. 


On March 26, 2021 Estrategia Norteña comes out with a newly innovated sound. With their EP F5, Estrategia Norteña makes an advancement in the Norteñas Con Sax genre. The EP contains 6 different songs all executed an arranged very strategically. The band had a different view of how they would produce the melodies and vocals of this EP. The ultimate goal was to be different, but also fall into the liking of our followers, fans, and listeners. The release of F5 marks the history of Estrategia Norteña forever.

Composed by Juan Gomez Jr.'s saxophone, Hugo Avellaneda's voice, Uziel Martinez's electric bass, Pablo Tarango's drums, Johnny Magaña's bajo quinto, and Dany Rosales's accordion. With this Estrategia Norteña gives a unique distinct arrangement in the regional Mexican genre, particularly in the norteño con sax genre.


Juan Gomez Jr. "Juanito" - Saxophone

Hugo Avellaneda - Lead Vocals

Uziel Martinez "Shelito" - Bass

Johnny Bryan Magaña - Bajo Quinto

Pablo Tarango - Drums

Dany Rosales - Accordion

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